Houndstooth will release a compilation of warped, experimental, and deconstructed club music titled Alterity.

Alterity, defined as a state of being “other” or outside convention, aims to push the idea of “radical otherness” and outsider culture to the fore, embracing its vitality for creating, maintaining, and enriching society. It’s fuelled by a desire to dissolve borders and transcend perceived norms to promote the existence of alternate viewpoints, lifestyles, and identities.

E-Saggila, Odete, AMAZONDOTCOM, Hyph11E, and many others feature across the compilation, documenting a journey through amorphous techno wormholes, caverns of industrial beat science, and colossal panoramas of glistening hyper-stylised trance.

The cover art is a manipulated image of a city, and captures an ordinary urban landscape remodelled as a heterotopia, a world, which mirrors our own, with more layers of meaning and relationships to other places than immediately meets the eye. Much like Alterity, it hints at an endless, borderless, macrocosm concealed within.


01. 33EMYBW “Medical Fodder”
02. Gooooose “We’ve All Been There”
03. LYZZA “Rifle”
04. AMAZONDOTCOM & Siete Catorce “Absent City”
05. AYA “DaRE u to sour lips with me”
06. Hyph11E “Owl Whispers:
07. E-Saggila “Shd”
08. Debit “Primal Use of Wind”
09. Core Self “Suspiria”
10. DRVGジラ “Funeral Flowers”
11. Osheyack “SAF E”
12. Deena Abdelwahed “Abbrejiyeytar”
13. Lila Tirando a Violeta & Lighght “Ritual For Rusting Metals”
14. Slikback “Shogai”
15. Odete “Epilogue For A Banshee Cry”

Alterity LP is out on August 28 on CD, vinyl, and digitally. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, and stream an album trailer below.