Last week, we kicked off our Best of 2018 coverage with the first 50 (100-51) in our top 100 downloads of the year. As mentioned in that piece, it has been an eclectic year full of inspired music from across the globe, and today we wrap up a year of free downloads with the top 50 tracks downloaded by you our readers. We want to thank all the artists and labels who have offered up their tracks this year, and the readers and fans who have supported them along the way; the music scene wouldn’t be the same without you.

As our holiday offering, all 100 tracks have been bundled in a zip file and can be downloaded via WeTransfer at the bottom of this feature. 

50. Lefto “Pechawar Express”

49. Molécule “Sila” (Torb Remix)

48. Murder He Wrote “Air” (Dub)

47. Breathe “Are You All Good?”

46. Delhia De France “Blank” (Sterling Grove Remix)

45. Madben “The Struggle”

44. Perdu “Saromosa”

43. Boston 168 “Cosmic Tribe”

42. Lost In Stars “Wand”

41. Oriol Fornós “Waves”

40. Alexander Kowalski “And So I Watch You From Afar” (5 am Mix)

39. Breek “Oiwa” (Massive Remix)

38. Theo Fraga “Poesia” (Alistair & Lorenzo Remix)

37. Hadi “Master”

36. Le Spectre “Burning Roses”

35. Aleksandir “Dreams”

34. Trømmel “Hiatus”

33. David Asko “Techno Therapy”

32. Tulioxi “The New Acid Funk”

31. Carl Craig “Domina” (Benedikt Frey Outback Remix)

30. Daisybelle & Rob Savage “Always On” (Joss Moog Smooth Remix)

29. Carl Finlow “Definition”

28. Papilio “Balbek”

27. Wendy Bevan “Falling”

26. C.A.R. “Eyes On You”

25. Blutch “Dropin A Chrome” (Red Rack’em Remix)

24. Okain “Monday My Day”

23. Bawrut “Three Sounds” (Leaf Remix)

22. Dixia Sirong “Qartersea” (XLR8R Edit)

21. Ada Kaleh “Morgana avidoma”

20. Kieran Apter “Babylon”

19. Volruptus “Fjandsamlegar Geimverur”

18. Tunnelvisions “Nyiri” (Will Oirson Remix)

17. Space Afrika “bly”

16. dOP “The Dying Night”

15. Dark Circles “Dropmyre” (House Mix)

14. Man Power “Functions”

13. Gerry Read “Please”

12. oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls “Be On Through”

11. DJ Spielberg “Glam Sharing”

10. Mahdyar “Timmy Might Bury Ya’ll”

9. Maxime Dangles “Cloudy Rivers” (Antigone Instinctive Remix)

8. Childish Gambino “Redbone” (Alffie Edit)

7. Djebali “1984” (Rossko’s Late Night Skanking Mix)

6. Djebali “May (OAM05)”

5. Orbital “Halcyon” (Adjustment Bureau Edit)

4. DJ Legwarmer “Waiting For You”

3. Gene On Earth “Dougie Jam”

2. Delano Smith & Traumer “Essence” (Traumer Reduced Mix)

1. JourneyDeep “Evolve”

Due to issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track bundle here.