Over blissful, Bladerunner-style chimes, UFO!’s video for the track “Forbidden Love” zooms in on a futuristic, industrialized San Francisco. The footage is like an old flickering black and white movie cut up with subtle animation and illuminated as though viewed through those glasses that throw rainbows everywhere. In time to a pulsing heartbeat rhythm, joyless humans march in lines and complete menial tasks with their computer co-workers. Amid signs reading “Emotion is malfunction,” racing clocks and intense video surveillance, one of these resigned male employees and his lonely computer co-worker have an exchange over an ink cartridge refill that blossoms rapidly into a “forbidden love” over dancefloor techno beats. As the song progresses, the two enjoy a private dinner and lie out on the grass together. Will their unlikely romance survive their hardened world? Lulu McAllister