Here comes Team YACHT. “Summer Song” was originally recorded by Jona Bechtold in his hometown of Portland, OR, and was intended to be a love letter to LCD Soundsystem. Bechtold, along with erstwhile YACHT counterpart Claire L. Evans, intended to release the song for free, but DFA got ahold of it and packaged it up as a four-track single. When it came to making this video, YACHT employed fellow Portland resident Judah Switzer to direct this pastel-tinted banger that features confetti, paint, and lots of dancing. Stay tuned for a full-length album in 2009, and for the truly avid YACHT fans, there’s also this.

Summer Song
A1 Summer Song
A2 I’m in Love with a Ripper (Party Mix)
B1 it’s Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want
B2 So Post All ‘Em (Salvia in the Club Remix*

* = iTunes-only track