XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming Cartulis Day and Trelik event at FOLD in London. The party takes place on January 26 with one of the best lineups we’ve seen for a while, with Zip, Baby Ford, Laurine & Cecilio, Unai Trotti, Raphael Carrau, Z@p, and Junki Inoue. 

The Cartulis Day parties were started in 2009 by DJ and producer Unai Trotti, originally based in different warehouses around East London. The aim was to bring back an almost lost techno/house minimal sound to the underground of the Eastside and with that bring some of the finest DJs the scene has to offer, such as DJ Masda, Francesco Del Garda, Akufen, Nicholas Lutz, and Jane Fitz to play. The next move was to start a label with fellow resident DJ and good friend Raphael Carrau. Since its first release in 2013, Cartilus Music has gone on to consistently churn out quality, collaborating with Melliflow on an EP earlier this year, among many other memorable releases. 

The Trelik imprint, on the other hand, was started back in 1995 by legendary DJ and producer Baby Ford and has released timeless records by the likes of Eon and Thomas Melchior. After almost a decade break, it re-launched in 2010, welcoming artists such as Ion Ludwig, LD Nero, Les Points, and Alex Celler into the fold. Now Trelik is teaming up with Cartulis for this one-off event in what feels like the perfect blend of musical styles.

With January 26 looking like one of Cartluis Day’s biggest events yet, as a token of appreciation we are offering current subscribers of XLR8R+ and those who sign up before the event a limited amount of free guestlist passes.

For those who haven’t yet, SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name, subscription confirmation page, and “Cartulis Day” to xlr8r.plus@xlr8r.com to claim your event pass. For those that are current subscribers, simply email your full name and Cartulis Day.

Due to limited availability, passes will be offered on a strictly first-come, first served basis. Subscribers are eligible for one pass only.

You can find more information on XLR8Rplus, the offer, and the event below. The seventh and current edition of XLR8Rplus is here, with subscription details here.

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Cartulis Day at FOLD

Offer ends 10 p.m. PDT, Saturday, January 26.