Point Blank has released a new video detailing how to make a basic house track in Garage Band.

The long-running music school focuses its courses on two main DAWs Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Although being very powerful tools for music makers with nearly limitless potential, Ableton and Logic can both be a little daunting to learn for first time users—which is, evidently, why Point Blank’s introductory courses that focus on both Logic Pro and Ableton Live are some of its most popular.

In regards to beginners, the most popular DAW is, arguably, GarageBand, a program developed by Apple that comes pre-loaded with most variations of Mac computers and MacBooks. Despite its simplicity, GarageBand can be a powerful tool in a producers arsenal and is basically a streamlined version of Logic Pro—GarageBand projects can even be loaded in Logic Pro when you’re ready. To get you started in GarageBand, Point Blank has produced a 30-minute video tutorial focusing on the fundamentals of the DAW. 

In the video, which you can watch below, Point Blank’s composition and mixing instructor John Davies runs through a range of GarageBand tips and tricks, including programming instruments and loops, track arrangement, effects, automation, quantizing, keyboard shortcuts, tempo, and much more.

You can find out more about Point Blank’s courses here