Following in the path of the XDJ-1000—the company’s recently revealed CD-less digital deck—Pioneer has today introduced the XDJ-RX, an all-in-one DJ system (that means no laptop required) featuring two CD-less digital decks.

Expected to arrive in stores late next month, the XDJ-RX is also partially an update of the company’s XDJ-R1 unit (though, that system does feature full CD decks), boasting a performance mixer with “high-quality Sound Color FX and Beat FX,” live loop/slicing functionality, and a large, full-color screen at the top of the controller for displaying track information and waveforms. Audio for the XDJ-RX can be provided via USB, with the system optimized to be used with tracks prepared for DJing using Pioneer’s rekordbox software. Additionally, the XDJ-RX features a number of analog inputs so that external audio devices (such as turntables) can be ran through the mixer as well.

The XDJ-RX’s full specifications can be found here, while many of its features can be seen in action in the demo video below.