The Bass Sekloah duo (consisting of producer Cee and multi instrumentalist/vocalist Darren Ashley) released the original version of its sprightly “Lighthouse” tune late last year via the Mouthwatering imprint. Now, the Malaysian pair’s airy single is set to become the focus of a new remix collection, featuring reworks from the likes of Daedelus, Perera Elsewhere, and the rework featured here from 50 Weapons affiliate Phon.o. As to be expected, Phon.o takes the buoyant track to more subterranean territory, giving “Lighthouse”‘s textures a sharper edge and infusing the song with more densely packed rhythms, while still leaving space for glimpse’s of the orignal tune’s vocals and floating chord progressions. Led by Phon.o’s contribution, Bass Sekolah’s nine-track Lighthouse Remixed EP is set to see its digital release on April 10, with a vinyl release to follow soon thereafter.

Lighthouse (Phon.o Remix)