Bit-Tuner is a Switzerland-based electronica producer who recently released his latest album A Bit of Light on the Zurich experimental pop label, -OUS.

Using his performance abilities to engage his listeners with a combination of energetic productions and captivating live concerts, Bit-Tuner oscillates his sets between euphoric bass-filled arrangements, buzzing sounds, and his signature percussive personality. When it comes to Bit-Tuner’s productions, they are always filled with heavy beats, vicious dreamscapes, and acid-driven melodies that gently rise and fall within disarming harmonies. With it’s latest track “Twin Crystal”, Bit-Tuner delivers a track that acts like a boomerang. Starting off gently before throwing the listener into outer space with sawing synths and swirling sounds, before returning to it’s launching point of direct kick-drums and wonky bass.

You can find out more about Bit-Tuner by visiting him on SoundCloud, and you can download the track “Twin Crystal” from it’s latest album A Bit of Light by clicking on the WeTransfer button below.

Twin Crystal