To pair with yesterday’s Bubblin’ Up Week 2013feature, Brooklyn-based outfit Archie Pelago sent over an exclusive new track called “Carmen on Gold St.” The trio—comprised of Hirshi (trumpet, turntables), Cosmo D (cello, Ableton), and Kroba (sax, Ableton)—undoubtedly has a unique sound, which “Carmen On Gold St.” is a perfect example of. The tune displays the band’s top-notch musicianship and fresh, organic sound, and features plenty of cinematic strings, shuffling drums, and intricately melodic FX. And if you happen to be in or around New York City tonight, you can check out Archie Pelago in Brooklyn, performing along with Braille, Contakt, and others as part of the release party for Percussion Lab’s Cambio compilation at Cameo Gallery.

Carmen on Gold St.