Derek Piotr is a Poland-born producer and composer based in New England, whose work focuses primarily on the voice. His upcoming release, entitled Drono, is a drone album, which emphasizes the form and and durational composition of drone through unquantized, glitching samples and near-absence of rhythm.

In conceptualizing each track, Piotr was inspired by the liminality of water. Water is between states. It is neither solid nor gas; calm nor storm. Drono is similarly unfixed in its approximation of drone music. Its textures develop subtly, with progression measured through shifting depths and sonic fluidity rather than forward expansion.

As a result, most of the album tracks are named after bodies of water: “Lakes,” “Shallows,” “Sound” (an archaic term for swimming, now used to describe coastal waterways). The record’s title is multi-dimensional, referencing both the record’s drone aesthetic and a Norwegian island (Drøno). Drono is also Malagasy for “wash,” aptly reflecting the transient nature of the album.

In advance of the LP’s June 2016 release via LINE, the label has kindly offered “Sound” as one of today’s XLR8R free downloads.

01 Sound 03:44
03 Rivulet to Gulf 08:25
04 Lakes (with Maja Ratkje) 12:08
05 Wash 17:46
06 Shallows 11:22
07 Absolute Grey (Piotr / Brinkmann) 16:26