Today, longstanding house selector Osunlade’s Yoruba label has dropped Only to Survive the Diaspora, an 11-track compilation featuring new productions from the likes of Drala, Afefe Iku, and Osunlade himself. Included in the collection is “Waterfalls in Dub,” a soul-steeped affair from Djinji Brown which rides a sharp procession of hand-played percussion across the entirety of its six-minute run. Fitted atop Brown’s stream of hand drums and shakers are waves of Rhodes chords, fluttering strings, bursts of synth bass (as well as a good deal of live bass), and occasionally, some watery field recordings which give the placid club tune its title. Djinji Brown’s “Waterfalls in Dub” can be downloaded below, where a 10-minute preview of Yoruba’s new compilation is also available to stream.

Waterfalls in Dub