The new EP by Marco Cassanelli and Deckard, Opus Sectile, will be released on April 15, 2022.

For the EP, the two producers have merged their backgrounds and passion for analog sounds into a musical project that takes inspiration from geometrics used in sculpture and performing arts. This is reflected in the title of the EP, a Latin reference to the mosaic inlay of ancient Roman buildings.

Opus Sectile was recorded and produced in Trani, Italy in January 2022 at Deckard’s Studio and contains four instrumental tracks. The duo’s recording approach is largely based on improvisation, with none of the music digitally calculated or programmed, therefore, the music is heavily influenced by context and environment.

Today’s XLR8R download, “Oval,” is the euphoric third track on the EP, a cut that builds with slow, eerie, and ambient sounds before transcending into an epic and uplifting conclusion.

“Oval” is available to XLR8R+ subscribers as a free download below.


01. Octogan
02. Square
03. Oval
04. Circle

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