Apparel Tronic is back on track with the fourth release of its catalog, presenting Giona Vinti and his EP The Hanged Man Jazz Sessions.

Giona is a Milan-based sound designer, producer, and live act also known as Hyena; under this moniker, he has explored numerous musical genres throughout the years and eventually came up with a new solo project under his true name. This brand new approach allows him to experiment with abstract compositions, untied to any musical category and far from the dancefloor logics, in an attempt to build his own musical playground.

The EP consists of four original tracks plus one remix. All the tracks are actual “sessions” where there is no particular structure or defined arrangement.

Ahead of the EP’s December release, you can grab the title track via the WeTransfer button below.


01. The Hanged Man Jazz Session
02. Beat Bhakti
03. The One-Eyed One Swing
04. Dirge For A Friend
05. The Hanged Man Jazz Session (Luiza Lian Remix)

The Hanged Man Jazz Session