Out-ER sub-label Pregnant Void will present the debut album of hi.mo, titled Urtìis. Landing on double vinyl in June 2018, it is an absorbing showcase of the Italian’s weird and wonderful fusion of various strains of sound from jazz to hip-hop to classical.

“The alteration of conventional musical patterns thrills me,” says hi.mo, who is classically trained in piano and uses that knowledge to play with rules, structures, and forms. Influenced by IDM, African drums, jazz and the interplay of chords, rhythm, and harmony, he infuses his electro-acoustic productions with found sound samples and analog and digital tools. We’re told to expect something in the same sonic aesthetic as Flying Lotus, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, and Autechre. “The artist’s abilities to push the limits, overlap ideas, tease out new musical ground, and generally take you on a trip are all laid bare,” the label says. 

Pregnant Void is dedicated to multidisciplinary cultural projects and electroacoustic music, and this album comes after label founder Simone Gatto’s own album and book, and the Mørk duo’s debut full length. 


A1. hi.mo “Aube”

A2. hi.mo “‘gnot”

A3. hi.mo “Dreams”

A4. hi.mo “Dance In Your Dreams” 

B1. hi.mo “Jonaz”

B2. hi.mo “Maakohmustaa”

B3. hi.mo “Ode B”

B4. hi.mo “Pause”

B5. hi.mo “Retro Games” 

C1. hi.mo “Sturm”

C2. hi.mo “Yellow”

D1. hi.mo “Parentheses”

D2. hi.mo “March”

Urtìis LP is out on June 8, with “Dreams” available for download in full via the button below.