Iconic IDM producer and Mathematics Recordings label boss, Jamal Moss, has today released a new album under his industrial and social distortion moniker, I.B.M.(Insane Black Man). Educated in the Chicago scene by Adonis and Steve Poindexter, Moss has gone on to create a litany of quintessential albums and releases on labels including Spectral Sound, Apnea, and Morphine Records. After recently digging through shoe boxes of cassettes, video tapes, and lost mini disc recordings, Detroit-based techno label Interdimensional Transmissions has put together an archive of these newly found recordings, containing perhaps the holy grail of all Jamal Moss tunes, “The Land of Rape and Honey.”

Interdimensional Transmissions has now taken the recordings from their dusty and damaged condition and meticulously restored them, using the mastering labs of Neel’s Enisslab Studio in Rome—and Carl at TruTone in Detroit finished the restoration on the few that they couldn’t do. IT are now ready to present these fragile raw and pure visions with the greatest level of quality as a full length LP under Moss’s I.B.M. alias. The album is titled The Land of Rape and Honey, and contains 10 unreleased tracks ranging anywhere from EBM to tribal noise. To go along with the album release, IT cohort Carlos Souffront has taken the album tracks and pieced them together to create an original score for Kenneth Anger’s film Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,which you can watch in it’s entirety below.

To further complete the creative connection between all of these incredible projects, I.B.M. has offered up a download of another unreleased track from the The Land of Rape and Honey sessions titled “Idiot Savant.” This track is now available for download right now by clicking on the media player below. You can purchase your copy of I.B.M.’s The Land of Rape and Honeyvisiting the Rush Hour website, and you can find out more about the album project by visiting the Interdimensional Transmissions page.

Idiot Savant

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