Matthewdavid just gave word that he’ll be releasing his first proper solo effort, the International EP (pictured above), this March via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, and all we have to say is: It’s about damn time! Well, that’s obviously not all we have to say, especially after listening to that record’s title track, a warbling and dense beat composition with a perfectly understated vocal performance from Atlanta’s Dog Bite. As we suspected from the artist’s long foray into tape-driven noise and ambient music, Matthewdavid has inundated his scattershot beat patterns with the hiss and glow of his beloved cassettes—also tossing in bits of bucolic field recordings and underwater ambiance to fill whatever sparse blank spaces are left in “International”‘s soundscape. And while the instrumental of the song lurches along with each muddled boom and bap, Dog Bite’s low-slung vocal melodies give Matthewdavid’s music a distinctly human element never before heard in his work. Like we said, it’s about damn time. (via Altered Zones)

International feat. Dogbite