Rhythmic UK producer and Red Bull Music Academy graduate Andy Donnelly (a.k.a. Kloke) has returned from the shimmering depths of his 2014 breakout EP Sea Levels, to deliver a brand new 12” on the New York-based imprint, Styles Upon StylesP.H.O.N.E.is the name of Kloke‘s latest offering on S.U.S., and the release comes with three tracks that includes two original productions and a b-side remix of the title track by Hieroglyphic Being.

Available for today’s download on XLR8R is an unreleased remix of the track “Rhythm 1” by a mysterious producer named Malcolm. Other than his ties to the label, little is known of Malcolm, which only adds to the cryptic air that surrounds the track. The track begins with an ominous swell of synth lines that are followed up by a mix of tribal percussion and ethereal groans found throughout the entirety of track. A ritualistic foundation is quickly formed by the clicks and clacks of the indigenous sounds before coming together and speeding up to a tempo that if played in the right mind-state, could likely conjure up a spirit from the past.

Kloke’s P.H.O.N.E. EP is available right now on limited 12″ vinyl and various digital formats over on the Style Upon Styles Bandcamp page.

Rhythm 1 (Malcolm Remix)