Originally from California and now based in Osaka, Japan, Erik Luebs (a.k.a Magical Mistakes) has further developed his bell-bathed, ethereal electronic stylings after briefly relocating to the rural Japanese village of Shiba-san to create his sound. Having previously released music on respected labels such as Astro Nautico and King Deluxe, the artist now prepares to dive further into his spiritual sonic mixture of western and eastern sounds with his latest LP, Peaking in the Pitch Black, via The Playground. According to Luebs, the release is a mixture of “post-rock, techno, drone, IDM; snippets of what’s influenced me musically throughout my life.”

With this latest album due out on July 1, Magical Mistakes has offered up the album cut “Chemical Bath” as today’s XLR8R download. Leading off with a crunching drum arrangement, the tune trips into a dense and luscious display of echoing vocal hits and bulbous synths that are as fretful as they are sprightly.

You can download the track “Chemical Bath” below via WeTransfer.

Chemical Bath

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