Man Duo is the second coming of Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Long-Sam: cherished producers and good friends from Helsinki whose 2012 debut Amateurs de Vérité refracted outsider electronics through the prism of psychedelic folk. Now the pair returns with a new name and a new album, Orbit, that takes the exotic pop we’ve come to associate with both artists far beyond the dancefloor and out into the cosmos.

“Man Duo sounds more like a band instead of just two individuals,” says Sami Toroi (a.k.a Long-Sam). “We used to go by the name Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Long-Sam, now it’s easier to see this as a unit of its own without confusing it with our solo careers.”

Written and recorded together at Sami’s place in Helsinki and Jaakko’s Berlin studio during 2016, Orbit plots a serene course through styles close to the duo’s hearts. Across eight tracks, Jaakko and Sami zone in on krautrock, funk, electro, and spaced-out cyber-ballads, executing each with characteristic elan and tunefulness. In fine voice throughout, the pair’s lyrics—sung in English, Finnish and Italian—draw on the absurdities of life and love in the modern world.

“It’s really an equal effort when it comes to composing and performing. We both do everything and it all happens with great understanding,” says Sami. “The only exceptions are that I mix the tracks and play most of the guitar parts, and whenever a saxophone is needed, it’s Jaakko who’ll play that.”

Orbit is released by Kaya Kaya in the UK and Ireland and by Solina Records in the rest of the world—while electro titan Ali Renault has reworks “What if It Falls” into a muscular late-night prowler. Download it now via the WeTransfer button below.