Sultry, late-night vibes color this smooth, carved-from-stone piece of house music from London’s Citizen (an artist we’ve heardbefore). An unreleased cut that precedes his four-track Deep End EP, “Members Only” gallops on some soulfully screwed vocals spliced with classic Chicago-era cymbals, thumping with maximum-strength kicks until plush chords enter the fray to dominate the rest of the proceedings. With quick pivots and cut-outs, Citizen keeps the track fresh before spiraling into a second half rife with whispered snippets of conversation adding an eerie, yet alluring percussive backing to the jam’s conclusion. Heavy on style but pumped full of head- (and hip-)swiveling substance, keep an eye out for the new EP when it drops on June 18. In the meantime, view the cover art and tracklist, after the jump.

1. Deep End
2. Truth
3. Came Through
4. Oh Gee

Members Only