Model 86 has dropped his latest single, “Trauma.”

Following on from previous single, “Famous,” both of which are taken from his upcoming EP, I was depressed and anxious for most of my 20s until I came off my tablets, “Trauma” features a range of hypnotic, melancholic synths that float off a skipping bassline and chopped vocal lines, which acted as the basis of the track, as Model 86 explains:

“I made “Trauma” after messing around with a bunch of vocal samples to see what happened. It’s called “Trauma” because I was messing around making up lyrics for what the vocal edits/noises became—the first word she says sounds like “trauma.” I actually had a version of the track that replaced all the vocal noises with actual words but I couldn’t get it to work; it was “trauma, don’t hate me now, come hold me” ha, sounds… depressing.”

You can grab “Trauma” via WeTransfer below, with more on Model 86 here.