UK producer Rob Shields is set to release his debut album, Green, on January 27 via Needwant‘s new sister label, YEN.

The album finds Shields breaking away from the typical dancefloor template; it’s introspective music that aims to take the listener to a world of emotions and memories, real or otherwise. Shields favors warm, analog sounds on Green, sounds derived from guitars, various percussion instruments, field recordings—sources ranging from the exotic rivers and jungles in South America to the mundane objects found in Shields’ flat—and worn bits of hardware that all contribute to noticable warmth.

In support of the album, Shields has offered up “Water,” the album’s second cut, as today’s XLR8R download. With its feel-good nature and flowing instrumentation, the track is a perfect appetizer to Green—a pre-order is available via Shields’ Bandcamp page.

Shields will also be performing live at The Waiting Room in London on February 2 with details here.