Sicaa is a sound designer, producer, percussionist, and DJ born and raised in the 19th district of Paris. Having a passion for music since a young age, Sicaa has focused on hybrid styles, melting abstract hip­-hop, electronica, future beats, trap, and bass music, fusing them all together to create his own cinematic universe.

In the past, Sicca released three EPs on Unc Audio, and has worked with imprints like Château Bruyant, XVIIIème Péninsule, Unlog, Highlife Recordings, and Moose Records, on which he released his first LP The Source in March 0f 2015. Since then, Sicaa has joined the Exploration Music crew and provided two tracks on the Setting Forth LP, which also features the forward thinking tunes of Yan Kaylen, Nulpar and Hazeo. ​Setting Forth is the first release from the Paris-based label and party crew Exploration Music. The crew has made its mark on the blooming Paris electronic music scene by inviting artists and labels such as Sigha, Shifted, AVN//OCS, Trevino, Lucy, Truncate, Truss, Vakula, Henning Baer, Tessela, Stray, and Akkord.

Setting Forth is also a double vinyl album featuring four artists from the label. It is an album in the sense that the music has been carefully curated into a seamless eight-track LP. From ambient to bass music, techno, dub, or hip hop, no boundaries have been set and it will be up to the artists from the collective to define the label’s sound as time progresses. The album itself tells the story of the up and downs of setting up new projects and preparing for new adventures. The second disk is a bit darker, but the story has a happy ending which is provided here by the heavy but positive instrumental hip hop and trap beat “F​rantic”.​ The track summarizes all the lessons learned while pulling together the label and the album, putting all doubts at rest, and confidently setting forth into the unknown.

You can pick up the Setting Forth LP by Exploration Music by clicking here, and you can pick up the track “Frantic” by Sicaa by clicking on the media player below.