One of today’s free downloads comes from Tolga Fidan, the Berlin-based, Istanbul-born multi-instrumentalist.

Following an upbringing surrounded by guitar and rock bands, Fidan has become something of a mainstay of the Vakant label ever since his first release in 2006, an EP which earned him the attention of some of the leading techno names. He has since followed this up with many further releases on the label, and several others scattered across the likes of Cadenza, Eklo and Freak n’ Chic.

Up next, however, is a three-tracker on TFR, his own imprint which marks the start of a new chapter, serving as a platform to showcase his studio versatility and vast musical influences. Ahead of the EP’s June 27 release, “Beb” is available to download via the WeTransfer button below.

Please note that this is a vinyl-only release, with the exception only of this download. The vinyl is available here.