Los Angeles label bORDEL has welcomed Torb for a new EP, titled Dost. Using modular analogue synths, the Paris-based artist delivers four tracks of rave-tinged, throwback techno, following three releases on Cassius Records. 

Opener “Herror” is a melancholic ambient cut with an expansive atmosphere. Meanwhile, “The Only” is a trip into the stratosphere with hypnotic loops, while the edgy “Beta Tester” keeps you in suspense with bristling drums and rising pads. Last of all, “Dost” is a pensive track with spacious grooves and distant sci-fi pads. 

In support of the EP, out now, we’re offering title track “Dost” as one of today’s free downloads, available via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers. 


01. Herror

02. The Only

03. Beta Tester 

04. Dost