Yesterday we began XLR8R‘s Best of 2016 coverage with the first installment (100-51 to be exact) of the top 100 downloads. Amongst the first 50 tracks announced were a diverse assortment of forward-thinking cuts that were given to you, our readers, every day of the past year. Today, we tie a ribbon around the year in downloads and detail the 50 most popular tracks that have appeared on XLR8R‘s downloads section.

As is usually the case with our download offerings, some of the artists presented have never before released a track, unknown artists putting their first track out in the world; on the other hand, you’ll also find scene veterans dropping left-field reworks and twisted ambient versions of well-known cuts. Whichever tickles your fancy, there’s no denying the quality of tracks on offer below, and thanks must go to the myriad of artists that have offered up their musical lifeblood for free for our enjoyment. With that, it’s time to announce the final 50 in the Best of 2016: Top 100 Downloads.

Like yesterday, you can follow each respective link to cherry pick your choice of single tracks; or, as our holiday offering to you, you can grab the entire top 100 in one zip folder, available via WeTransfer below.

50. Indian Wells “Racquets”

49. Space People “Cars”

48. Sepehr “Ego Trip”

47. Colom8ian “Here I Am”

46. M.A.D! “Mind”

45. LUC B & HLMNSRA “Asap Rocky Balboa”

44. Visuals “Everything Flash”

43. Olaf Stuut “Pareidolia”

42. Harald Björk “Vocal House”

41. Nolan Gray “Magic Crush”

40. Giorgio Moroser “Can’t Stay”

39. Soul Of Hex “Sleep Mistakes” (feat. Albert Vogt)

38. InClose “Bright Phantasy”

37. M.E.S.H. “Kritical Thirst” (DJ J Heat Jersey Club Remix)

36. Anchorsong “Ceremony”

35. Shawni & 23△d “Feel Love”

34. Allies For Everyone “It Takes All Kinds”

33. Mongo Skato “Perc”

32. Paper Tiger “I’m A Cyborg (But That’s Ok )”

31. Edyth “Àgua Verde”

30. Lancelot “Lorikeets”

29. Mitch Murder “Prime Operator”

28. Afriqua “Harken” (Archie Hamilton Remix)

27. Landslide “Red Forest”

26. Sandboards “Duneboys Theme”

25. Abstraxion “Spazieren” (Ripperton Remix 1)

24. Anne Clark “Sleeper in the Metropolis” (Jordan’s Nocturne Edit)

23. Heartbeat(s) “Eastsider”

22. Alfred English “Air Grid”

21. Poté “Katz”

20. Archivist “Pathfinder”

19. Agoria “Up All Night” (Gerd Janson Dub Remix)

18. Vessels “4AM” (FaultyDL Remix)

17. Koett “Slow Run”

16. Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler “Trip”

15. The Acid “Creeper” (Doctor Dru Rework)

14. Gameboyz “Of The Wall”

13. Sebastian Mullaert “Windmaker” (XLR8R Live Interpretation)

12. Submotion Orchestra “In Gold” (xxxy Remix)

11. Few Nolder “Seven”

10. Dengue Dengue Dengue “Badman”

9. Seb Wildblood “Crazy Eyes, Eric”

8. Patrick Siech & Sebastian Mullaert “Rivers Will Turn” (Elt Version)

7. Sasha Jan Rezzie “All My Dreams”

6. Affelaye “Fewer Looks”

5. Everything But The Girl “Missing” (LAROCK Remix)

4. Born in Flamez & Modeselektor “TBF”

3. Beastie Boys “BB01” (MANIK 13 Colonies Edit)

2. Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam” (Raíz Remix)

1. Red Axes, Moscoman & Krikor “Subaru Pesha” (Roman Flügel Dub)

You can download XLR8R‘stop 100 downloads of 2016 via WeTransfer below.