Âme, the duo of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, have reworked and repackaged their 2018 debut LP, Dream House.

Initially released in 2018, the album features collaborations with Matthew Herbert, Planningtorock, and Roedelius. The new edition has been reworked into a continuous mix titled Dream House: A
. With the addition of street recordings of their home city of Berlin, recorded by the duo themselves during the upheaval of 2020, the mix is available through Highsnobiety‘s digital-first landmark experiential project, “Berlin, Berlin.” The event features contributors from fashion, music, art, and design including Jonas Lindstroem and Little Sun.

“During the lockdown, quite a few friends mentioned how they had discovered our album, Dream House, and were really enjoying it with the peace and time to listen to it properly,” Wiedemann says. “When Highsnobiety approached us to ask if we could contribute music to their “Berlin, Berlin” project, we had the idea to reinterpret and mix our album with street recordings of the Berlin cityscape to give people a perfect soundtrack for strolling around the city.”

“Since the pandemic, the way people consume music has changed, and people are discovering and listening to music on strolls around their city and town rather than in clubs or at festivals and parties,” Beyer says. “We wanted to focus on how best to soundtrack that.”

Dream House: A Strollology is available now. You can download it here via Muting the Noise, Innervisions’ web-shop.