Up next on Amphia is Dan Andrei with Loose Dots, an EP of four slick minimal cuts, and his first release since 2015. 

Andrei is one of the more low-profile names associated with the stripped-back sounds of Bucharest, Romania alongside Priku, Barac, Raresh, Rhadoo, etc. He debuted on Arpiar in 2011 before returning with his debut LP, 2015’s Parcul Cosmos. He’s also shared his music on Be Chosen, Kurbits Records, and Jesus Loved You. This is his first appearance on Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia’s label, where he follows Kamran Sadeghi’s Ritual Signal.  

For more information on Dan Andrei, listen to his podcast XLR8R here


01. SOS

02. In the Bass

03. Still Unclear

04. Thingswa

Loose Dots EP is out on July 1, with clips below, and pre-order here