Hailing from France, the integral Parisian techno artists Antigone and Francois X have joined forces to present a collaborative EP titled We Move As One on Heartbeat and Francois X’s imprint, Dement3d Records. The eight-track EP is scheduled for release on February 15.

Three years in the making, the release is an ode to Aposuspita; a fictional character/performance that Francois X’s girlfriend Laura O’Rorke created. In the visual artist performance piece, opera singer Alexia Pingaud depicts a goddess of martyrdom that absorbs pain through her lamentations. According to Francois X in an interview with Gouru, “Aposuspita is a rite of passage between fiction and reality, a fruit of exorcising power shifting mutation between art, the future and beyond.”

Having consistently nurtured and developed the Parisian electronic scene for years, We Move As One is slated to become a true techno touchstone in France and beyond.


A1 Pagan Woman
A2 Love Trade
B1 Ready To Escape
B2 The Hated SZ
C1 Living Doll
C2 The Sorcerer
D1 Journey Home
D2 We Move As One