Photo: Hart Lëshkina

PAN will release Arca‘s debut mixtape, &&&&&, on vinyl for the first time.

Arca, real name Alejandra Ghersi, originally shared &&&&& via Los Angeles’ Hippos In Tanks in 2013. Released with no warning, the 25-minute mixtape became a bridge between Ghersi’s time partying and collaborating with her queer peers, while still living in New York, and the next stage of her career releasing on Mute Records in London.

Expect 25 minutes of coiling, contorted grime, glitch, dub, and hip-hop, plus cuts of sound that were too weird for Ghersi’s pop projects. Extrapolations of material from Stretch 1 and Stretch 2, two of Ghersi’s early EPs, can be heard in the mangled R&B sampling of “Century” and her vocal layering in “Waste.”

“I wanted to make something that was my best work,” Ghersi says about the record. “I listen to it very fondly today.”

The remastered project will be pressed onto vinyl and paired with a digital album featuring individual tracks for the first time. It marks PAN’s 100th anniversary release.

Earlier this year, Ghersi released KiCk I, her fourth album, available now on XL Recordings.


01. Knot
02. Harness
03. Fossil
04. Feminine
05. Anaesthetic
06. Coin
07. Century
08. Mother
09. Hallucinogen
10. Pinch
11. DM True
12. Waste
13. Pure Anna
14. Obelisk

&&&&& is available on September 18. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, and stream “Knot” below.

Artwork: Jesse Kanda