Veteran British techno producer Aubrey has a four-tracker due out next month on Out-Er (Out Electronic Recordings)

Allen Saei (a.k.a. Aubrey) first made his mark on the techno community at the beginning of the ‘90s via his own Solid Groove imprint, and has been a staple in the British scene since, releasing on Ferox, Offshoot and many more. His next release will be via Santorini and Simone Gatto’s Out-Er imprint, which has recently put out music by the likes of Terrence Dixon, The Analogue Cops, Buck, and Christoper Rau. The EP follows the time that Saei spent in the South of Italy with the Out-Er crew, and consist of four techno cuts.

Aqua Warrior is scheduled for release on May 30, as a 12″ vinyl and digital download.