Photo | Marie Staggat

Andreas Werner will release three new records under three new aliases, Andrew Renew, Audient, and DYKH.

Kicking off his career in 2004, Andreas Werner is widely known as Audio Werner, a co-founder of Hartchef. He signed to Perlon in 2006 and has since released wonky jazz-influenced minimal cuts on labels like Minibar and Galdoors. More recently, he announced a debut long-player through Sushitech.

Earlier this year, the German artist released WRNR222, a three-track 12″ on Aku, a sub-label of Paris-based record store, distributor, and booking agency Yoyaku, to which he recently signed. These records as Andrew Renew, Audient, and DYKH span house, ambient, and electro respectively, and they each come on a Yoyaku sub-label sharing the same name as their respective project. They can be purchased separately or together as a pack.

“The aliases represent Werner’s view on house, ambient and electro respectively,” Yoyaku explains.

“Early December 2018, I spent a whole afternoon in Andreas’ studio in Berlin where he really opened himself; he showed me all the different projects he has been working on, and his music that was unreleased,” Yoyaku’s Benjamin Belaga tells XLR8R. “There was music of different genres: house, ambient, and electro. I am used to hanging around with artists in their studios and I was stunned by Andreas’ level of production.”

All three records will be released on December 2 on vinyl. Meanwhile, you can see the artwork and tracklistings below, along with clips.


DKYH Do you Know? [House]

A1. Do
B1. You
B1. Know?

Audient Del Este LP [Ambient]

A1. Frog Vibes
B1. Frox Vibes
B2. La Ventura
B3. Los Tambores Al Fondo

Andrew Renew Dark Memories EP [Electro]

A1. Dark Memories
A2. Sweet Resurrection
B. Bomb Secrets

Package artwork