Backwoods Studioz and Kenny Segal have launched Hiding Places—The Instrumentals, out now via Bandcamp.

As the name suggests, Hiding Places—The Instrumentals is a collection of instrumentals from Brooklyn-based rapper billy woods and Segal’s collaborative album Hiding Places, originally launched in March of this year. The instrumental presentation of each track is an integral component to billy woods’ rhyme schemes and subject matter, and laces the record with an ominous tone that’s proved critical to the record’s success.

Kenny Segal adds, “People have been trying to combine rock tropes into hip-hop since the ’80s often with some pretty disastrously wack results. Once I got it in my head that I wanted to incorporate distorted guitars and psych-rock timbres into this album’s sound I was definitely conscious of that perilous legacy and hopefully was able to add something new to that conversation. And on that note a big shout out to my boy Ryan Crosby. Even though he only played on two of the tracks those two really helped me find the voice and set the tone for the rest of the project.”

Segal has become a seasoned composer out of Los Angeles, creating beats for artists such as Open Mike Eagle, milo, Armand Hammer, Elucid, Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Hemlock Ernst, Busdriver, and many more. He is also one-third of the group Jefferson Park Boys, also comprised of Mr. Carmack and Mike Parvizi of Penthouse Penthouse, and he released his debut album, happy little trees, with Ruby Yacht last year.

Order a digital copy of Hiding Places—The Instrumentals via Bandcamp HERE and stream the track “Spider Hole (Instrumental)” below.


01. Spongebob [Inst]
02. Steak Knives [Inst]
03. Checkpoints [Inst]
04. Spider Hole [Inst]
05. Houthi [Inst]
06. A Day In The Week [Inst]
07. Bedtime [Inst]
08. Crawlspace pt 1 [Inst]
09. Crawlspace pt. 2 [Inst]
10. Speak Gently [inst]
11. Toothy [Inst]
12. bigfakelaugh [Inst]
13. red dust [Inst]