Battles will release their fourth album, Juice B Crypts, via Warp in October. 

Juice B Crypts is the group’s first album in four years, following up 2015’s La Di Da Di. It’s also the group’s first album written and recorded in their native New York, and the first since Dave Konopka’s 2018 departure—meaning it will be Ian Williams and John Stanier who head out on the road for a lengthy run of dates to end the year, starting August 14 in Leeds, England and ending December 12 in Boston, Massachusetts.

“It’s about chord progressions, resolutions, returning home,” Williams says about the album. “Take that and throw it into a blender of modern electronic tools like glitching devices, or use melodic lines and take them and regurgitate them and pulverise the traditional stuff but at the same time try and retain harmonic relationships while completely smashing them up.” 

Features across Juice B Crypts include Jon Anderson of Yes, Shabazz Palaces, Tune-Yards, 落差草原 WWWW, Xenia Rubinos, and Sal Principato. 

Juice B Crypts LP lands October 18, with “Titanium 2 Step” streaming in full below. 


01. Ambulance

02. A Loop So Nice…

03. They Played It Twice (ft. Xenia Rubinos)

04. Sugar Foot (ft. Jon Anderson and 落差草原 WWWW)

05. Fort Greene Park

06. Titanium 2 Step (ft. Sal Principato)

07. Hiro 3

08. IZM (ft. Shabazz Palaces)

09. Juice B Crypts

10. The Last Supper on Shasta Pt. 1 (ft. Tune-Yards)

11. The Last Supper on Shasta Pt. 2 (ft. Tune-Yards)