Roméo Poirier has put out an album of gorgeous ambient nostalgia on Sferic.

Poirier, also known as Swim Platførm, is a Brussels, Belgium-based musician. Sleek and meditative, his electroacoustic collages reveal minutely textured crunches, splooshes, and echo-clicks that fuse to chart aquatic space. His debut release, Surfaces, was a soundtrack to four of his favorite swimming pools, and the followup, Plage Arrière, is an ode to eight Greek beaches.

Hotel Nota is Poirier’s first release on Sferic, in Manchester, UK. We’re told to expect an album akin to Jon Hassell’s Dream Theory In Malaya and Jan Jelinek’s Loop Finding Jazz Records. “If you’re into either of those two, we’d wager this’ll be your thing,” the label explains.

Keeping the ever-present influence of the sea in focus, Poirier projects himself to a fantasised coastline, imagining a landscape in flux, reconfigured by the movement of water and those that inhabit its space.

Across 11 tracks, he applies his filigree sampling and rearrangement techniques to “realise an electronic simulacra of a world which becomes real through its eccentricities and cohesive integration of sounds,” we’re told. “Trust there’s no mosquito bites or sunburn here, but you may not be able to escape the feeling you’ve been on holiday after immersing in Poirier’s careful world building.”

There’s a vinyl edition of 500 housed in a hi-gloss post card-style sleeve.

Mastering is by Stephan Mathieu.


01. Thalassocratie
02. Longe-côte
03. Trace palmaire
04. Le bématiste
05. Sablage
06. Hotel Nota
07. Pénombre
08. Du rocher
09. Ekphrasis
10. Raccordement
11. Balayage

Hotel Nota LP is available now. You can stream clips below and order here.