Ben Vedren has joined Pit Spector for the second time on the latter’s Prospector label, with the Prospector 3.2 EP, out today.

Prospector is the brainchild of Pierre Deniel (a.k.a. Pit Spector)—a conceptual label that seeks to bring production and performance together. Deniel has run a series of parties in Paris over the past couple of years, and before each invited a special guest to jam in his studio, the material from which is reproduced on stage, and then put on wax via the Prospector series. So far Vedren has partaken, as well as Dutchman San Proper, and Frenchman Guillaume Berroyer (better known as Ark).

Prospector 3.2 is the second EP in a two-part series, the first of which came out last September. It treads the line between house and techno, with a minimal character typical of both of them.

You can order the vinyl from, which comes with a Prospector party poster by Parisian street artist O’Clock. Check out snippets from Prospector 3.1below for a taste of what to expect.