Photo: Ussi’n Yala

Bonobo‘s Outlier label will release the new album from Poté, real name Sylvern Mathurin.

Poté’s music has always balanced contrasting impulses. On the one hand, there’s the rhythmic, celebratory music of his Caribbean upbringing, and on the other, there’s his interest in emotive songwriting. We’re told that A Tenuous Tale of Her is a “platform for those two sides of his music to strike a fresh dialogue.”

Musically, the release builds on the foundation that Poté laid with Spiral, My Love, his debut album which saw him explore beyond his earlier, club-focused productions. Collaborating with Kojey Radical, Chelou, and Alxndr London, he became bolder in using his own vocals, and put greater emphasis on writing melodies. “I think it’s just working with other people, and people who actually write songs, and not just producers, that really shaped my ear for melodies and writing,” he says.

We’re told to expect a record that’s “tough, tender, and grand all at once.” A storyline of looming disaster runs through many of the tracks, we’re told, as Poté imagined how different people would react to the news of impending apocalyptic breakdown.

Alongside the announcement, Poté has shared “Young Lies,” a collaboration with Damon Albarn which came about through Gorillaz producer Remi Kabaka Jr.

Poté, St. Lucia-born, London-raised, and now Paris-based, began releasing music in 2013. After he released Spiral, My Love in 2018, he was invited by Bonobo to support him on his European tour.


01. Under
02. Stare
03. Lows
04. Valley
05. Valley II (feat. Pierre Kwenders)
06. Pretty Penny’s Interlude
07. Open Up
08. Young Lies (feat. Damon Albarn)
09. Good2u (feat. INFAMOUSIZAK)
10. Plastic Prayers
11. Together

A Tenuous Tale Of Her LP is scheduled for June 4 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Young Lies” feat. Damon Albarn in full below and pre-order the album here.