Flying LotusBrainfeeder has released a single from Hakushi Hasegawa, a singer-songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan—and the first Japanese artist signed to the Los Angeles label.

Releasing since 2018, Hasegawa has already made a name for themselves domestically with a string of wild releases that straddle alternative, electronic, jazz, and pop. Sometimes the music is pretty, at times it’s intense and fast-paced. They have been a fan of Brainfeeder for years, citing Iglooghost, Jameszoo, and Thundercat as important influences on their approach to making music.

The single, “Mouth Flash (Kuchinohanabi),” features bass by Sam Wilkes of Leaving Records. It’s the first in a series of releases between Hasegawa and Brainfeeder.

“What I feel I should do from now on is to disturb the music with my own body, and to expose the chaos, although it is not coherent. I believe that this song is the very beginning of that process,” Hasegawa says.

Released alongside the new single is an official music video directed by Tsuribu Tokyo, streaming below.


01. Mouth Flash (Kuchinohanabi)

Mouth Flash (Kuchinohanabi) is available now on Brainfeeder.

Artwork: Shanliang