Photo || Jack Bool

Brijean, the Oakland, California-based duo of Brijean Murphy (left) and Doug Stuart (right), have unveiled their new album, Feelings, scheduled for February release on Ghostly. It follows “Moody,” released on the Brooklyn, New York label in July, and included on the full-length.

The album draws on Murphy’s experience growing up in a family immersed in jazz, Latin, and soul music. In 2018, she began recording songs with Stuart, a multi-instrumentalist with a background in jazz and pop in bands such as Dougie Stu, Bells Atlas, and Luke Temple.

After the duo’s first sessions, which resulted in the mini-album Walkie Talkie, released in 2019 on Native Cat Recordings and again by Ghostly, they continued to collaborate on a full-length recording, inviting friends Chaz Bear, Tony Peppers, and Hamir Atwal to contribute.

The leap from Walkie Talkie to Feelings is marked by a “notable expanse in range and energy,” we’re told. Brijean’s sound, a golden-hued dream pop, is elevated with the addition of live drummers, strings, and synths.

Musically, we’re told that the record “wants you to move, physically, mentally, dimensionally.” It also cultivates a specific vibe, a softness Murphy calls “romancing the psyche.”

Ahead of the album’s release, the pair have shared “Day Dreaming.” The track is guided by a lush mix of charismatic keyboard chords, grooving bass lines, and radiant conga-driven rhythms. It’s produced by Stuart with vocals and percussion by Murphy, and it also includes Chaz Bear, who played keyboard.

The accompanying video was shot in Los Angeles by Murphy and Stuart and then transformed by flatspot _• into an immersive and psychedelic world.


01. Day Dreaming
02. Softened Thoughts
03. Pepe
04. Wifi Beach
05. Feelings
06. Ocean
07. Paradise
08. Lathered In Gold
09. Chester
10. Hey Boy
11. Moody

Feelings LP is scheduled for February 26, 2021 release. Meanwhile, you can stream opener “Day Dreaming” below and pre-order the album here.