Cabanne will launch his vinyl-only Polyson label with a new EP from Varhat, Hokenkok

Polyson is Cabanne’s second label, and will run in parallel with Minibar, which has seen releases from the likes of Fumiya Tanaka, Rhadoo, Audio Werner, Lowris, Ben Vedren, and more. Cabanne, of course, is also heavily associated with Perlon. 

Varhat, a subject of our Bubblin’ Up series, hasn’t released an EP under this alias since 2016; he has, however, shared work as YYY, Vincen, Volière, and Niwa Tatsui, as recently confirmed on Discogs. He’s also widely believed to be behind Hostom, but this is yet to been confirmed by either him or one of his representatives. He’s released around 40 records between 2015 and 2018. 

The EP features two originals from Varhat with Cabanne on remix duties. 


A1. Hokenkok

A2. Chhulub

B. Chhulub (Cabanne remix)

Hokenkok EP will land early February, with clips below. 

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