HardWorkSoftDrink is set to release its first full-length.

The Frankfurt-based collective and imprint has shared details of an upcoming triple-pack by some of the label’s co-founders, Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg. The German producers put their first EP together out back in 2012 and have released several others since. The forthcoming 11-tracker L’Albüm is their first collaboration to land on HardWorkSoftDrink (having both put out several solo EPs via the imprint).

The album follows on from other recent releases by the likes of Oskar Offermann, Yoshi & Marieu (of The Analogue Cops) and Ewan Jansen.

L’Albüm is expected to drop in April. Check out the HardWorkSoftDrink site here.


01. Ansiska
02. Hotzefotze
03. Track 34
04. Fingatoes
05. Katushka
06. Thenorth
07. Piersin
08. Onson
09. Macrigh
10. Rondiana
11. Tictactoe