Photo: Nick LeTellier

XLR8R+15 is here, and there’s reason to celebrate: it’s our second on Bandcamp, meaning that your music will be more easily available than ever before; and it’s curated by Circle of Live, the latest project of Sebastian Mullaert, who delivers various goodies and editorial on top of the regular three-track offering.

We begin this month with a track from Mathew Jonson, the Canadian-born , Berlin-based producer, who delivers “When I think about Detroit,” written especially for his live set at Movement Detroit 2012. Up next is the inimitable Amp Fiddler, a Detroit native, whose “Know Your Way” is a brooding and grooving vocal-laden cut. Closing the release is Vril, who returns to XLR8R+ now a member of the Circle, this time with a more ambient jam that’s never been shared before.

What ties these artists together, you ask, besides their inclusion in Circle of Live? Well, members of the circle perform in different constellations, and this lineup—Mathew Jonson, Vril, and Amp Fiddler, plus Sebastian Mullaert—is from Movement Detroit 2019, one of the project’s stand-out sets.

In tune with this, there’s also a bonus track from Sebastian Mullaert himself, called “Ever Closer,” which is a fully-improvised live jam recorded specifically for XLR8R+.

As for extras, we have two to announce. Firstly, we have a two-hour segment of the Circle of Live Movement jam, the first time it’s ever been heard outside of the moment; and, secondly, each artist has written a ‘Live Essentials’ piece, detailing the gear they used in Detroit.

The package, including the tracks, zine, artwork, and live recording, is downloadable via Bandcamp once you SUBSCRIBE HERE.

You can stream snippets of the release below, along with a preview of this month’s zine, which features the exclusive content.

Explore Circle of Live.

All tracks mastered by Kamran Sadeghi.

We hope you enjoy the offering.

XLR8R team