Sebastian Mullaert’s Circle of Live project has welcomed some new names: Amp Fiddler, Boelja, Laurence Guy, Matt Karmil, Peter Van Hoesen, Steffi, and Vril. 

Circle Of Live launched at July 2018’s Freerotation Festival as a live act that honours the values of improvisation and spontaneity. Each performance sees Mullaert joined by any number of artists from his heavily curated collective of electronic live artists, and together they jam on modular freed from any formal structure. The extended sessions are comprised of both collaborative and solo performances with no set times decided in advance, allowing both audience and performers to stay curious and be fully present in the moment. Selected cuts from the performances are then released as EPs via the project’s label arm. 

Amp Fiddler, Boelja, Laurence Guy, Matt Karmil, Peter Van Hoesen, Steffi, and Vril have now all been welcomed into the collective, joining Leafar Legov, Frank Wiedemann (a.k.a Âme), Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Eitan Reiter, Tobias, The Mole, Steevio & Suzybee, Neel, Mathew Jonson, and Ljudbilden & Piloten, all of whom have already joined Mullaert.  

We’re told that this year will see the collective tour again, returning back to most cities they played last year, while also adding some international festival dates that will be announced soon. 

You can keep up to date on the project here, with Resident Advisor’s feature video streaming below.