Daniel Avery will present a collection of B-sides and remixes of his sophomore LP, Song For Alpha, almost a year to the day after the album’s release. Across 23 tracks, Avery showcases cuts from the album’s writing and recording process and invites a number of his contemporaries to rework his original material. 

Produced solely in Avery’s London studio, the lengthy recording process for Song For Alpha spanned some years as Avery continued to tour and collaborate as a producer. He was left with over 100 tracks, some of which were eventually distilled into the album. This new package sees him share several others that arose from these sessions. 

Meanwhile, the collected remixes span a spectrum of new and established names. Jon Hopkins, Actress, and Four Tet each contribute typically bold reinterpretations, the latter originally released as a limited edition 12″ at London festival Field Day. 

Also included are reworks from Giant Swan, Manni Dee, Mor Elian, Inga Mauer, and Anastasia Kristensen. Close friend and occasional DJ partner HAAi premieres a brand new remix, as does Avery’s studio neighbour and collaborator as PSSU, Richard Fearless. Meanwhile, techno acts Surgeon, Luke Slater, and Patrick Russell apply their individual sensibilities. 

The collection is set for digital release on April 5 on Phantasy worldwide and Phantasy/Mute in the US & Canada, with new track “Under The Tallest Arch” streaming below. 

Pre-order is available here


Part 1

01. Think About What You Love

02. Glass

03. Under The Tallest Arch

04. Radius

05. Hyper Detail 

06. The Gait Of A Man I’ve Never Met 

07. Memory Loop

08. AQPAN6102

09. Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes 

Part 2

01. Slow Fade (Actress Remix)

02. Glitter (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)

03. Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)

04. Hyper Detail (Giant Swan Remix)

05. Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes (HAAi Remix)

06. Fever Dream (Inga Mauer Remix)

07. Glitter (Jon Hopkins Remix)

08. Diminuendo (Luke Slater Remix)

09. Citizen // Nowhere (Manni Dee Remix)

10. Stereo L (Mor Elian Remix)

11. Projector (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)

12. Diminuendo (Patrick Russell Remix)

13. Days From Now (Richard Fearless Remix)

14. Radius (Surgeon Remix)