Daniel Avery has shared a visual accompaniment to Love + Light, his surprise third studio album.

The entire visual production was created by Australian designer Greg Hodgson, who previously collaborated with Avery on visuals for Song For Alpha B-sides & Remixes cut “Think About What You Love.”

“I’ve always found Daniel Avery’s music to be explorative and adventurous,” Hodgson explains, “You can tell he’s more interested in exploring unknown realms in real time with his sound than hunting for some sort of mathematical musical precision. I’ve embraced that way of thinking while producing this series of videos.”

Hodgson approached the project in a live improvised way. Every track began with a feedback loop using his old VHS Camera pointing at an old television screen from the ’80s with the signal being sent in an infinite loop between camera and screen. Inserted into this loop is his chain of analogue video gear, each with its own character and ability to shape the signal that flows through it.

Love + Light is out now via Phantasy worldwide and Phantasy/Mute in the United States and Canada. The album arrived unexpectedly, following Avery’s recent collaborations with Alessandro Cortini on the Illusion of Time LP and alongside Roman Flügel as Noun. Avery’s previous solo album, Song For Alpha, was released in 2018.

You can order Love + Light here, and stream the video accompaniment below.