Daniel Brandt, co-founder of Brandt Brauer Frick, is set to release his second solo album via Erased Tapes on October 12, called Channels. The new record follows the release of the London and Berlin-based producer’s solo debut Eternal Something from 2017.

We’re told that the seven-track LP weaves through chord-driven techno, orchestral flourishes, rich electronic textures, and hints of dark cinematic pop. 

Following on from Eternal Something, which captured a contemplative kind of isolationism, with Channels, Brandt set out to create an album that “captures the essence of minimalism while lending it to a more playful context.” After performing and recording Steve Reich’s Six Pianos in a group of six, Brandt began regularly composing long meditations on the piano, something that “permeates the sound of the new record,” we’re told. 

Ahead of the release, Brandt has shared lead track “Flamingo,” which synthesizes the measured pacing of Detroit techno with an orchestral background. As with all of the tracks on Channels, “Flamingo” began life as a sketch with very basic instrumentation, before taking it into the studio to rehearse with his band members, giving the album a “live and visceral sound that sets it apart from his debut,” the label explains. 

It was a great experience to do it this way as I have always wanted to have the chance to try out something in a live setting before recording it in the studio and not the other way round. The actual typical rock band recording style that I never had the chance to do before.“— Brandt


01. Flamingo

02. Sailboats III

03. Cherry Dream

04. Daze

05. Ltd

06. Channels

07. Twentynine Palms

Channels LP will arrive on October 12, with “Flamingo” streaming in full via the player below.