Dark Entries will soon release Helena Hauff‘s 2015 cassette, A Tape, on vinyl.

A Tape, released in 2015 and featuring 12 tracks made by house between 2011 and 2014, originally dropped via Handmade Birds but was made available on limited cassette only.

Clocking in at over 50 minutes, this collection spans Hauff’s musical universe, from jacking acid-techno to krautish zone-outs and scuzzy feedback interludes. “It’s tempting to consider it Helena’s debut album,” says the label, “but she views these tracks as mostly forgotten sketches left on the cutting room floor.”

Her equipment setup was a Roland Alpha Juno 2, Juno 60, TB-303, TR-707 and TR-808.

Both of the discs end with Hauff stepping outside of the intentionally stiff, robotic rhythms, showing her skill at crafting less conventional electronic sounds.


01. c45p
02. hdowed
03. for i am dead
04. pps
05. tape7
06. Split Scission
07. ff297-3
08. btdr1123
09. l#+#l
10. $§”$43
11. 29acid3
12. yyh

A Tape is scheduled for on April 10 release, with snippets streamable below.