Arjunamusic Records will present a new album by Dark Star Safari, the project of Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset, Samuel Rohrer, and John Derek Bishop.

Walk Through Lightly is the group’s second album, following their self-titled debut in 2019. It’s the first to feature John Derek Bishop, a producer from Stavanger, Norway. This makes for a “more organic refinement” upon a methodology that sees them writing songs using a two-stage process: an initial phase of free-flowing open improvisation, and a subsequent “exploratory phase” where “hidden potentials” are “discovered and nurtured.”

Within these layered, many-textured fabrics, the lyrical imagery delivered by Bang focuses upon coming to grips with sudden transformations.

We’re told that this second album is “frosted over with a Scandinavian sense of spatiality and melancholy,” and that listeners will feel as if “teleported directly into the middle of an enigmatic film-in-progress.”

Arjunamusic Records, based in Berlin, Germany, has been focusing on experimental acoustic music since 2012. For more information on label head Samuel Rohrer, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Patria
02.Life Stand Still
03. Portraits of You
04. Measured Response
05. Father’s Day
06. Invocation
07. Murmuration
08. Passover
09. Disembodied
10. Walk Through Lightly

Walk Through Lightly LP is scheduled for September 24 release.

Editor’s note: We’ll add pre-order links and public streams as they become available.