Californian singer and multi-instrumentalist David Allred will release his first solo album on Erased Tapes, titled The Transition

Hailing from Loomis, a small town outside of Sacramento, via Portland, Oregon, Allred worked as a sound engineer and session musician, featuring on multiple recordings by the likes of Birger Olsen, Brigid Mae Power, Brumes, The Beacon Sound Choir, Chantal Acda, Heather Woods Broderick, Jung Body, Masayoshi Fujita, and many more. He found himself touring Europe with Peter Broderick, culminating in the collaborative Find The Ways LP, and contributing  “Ahoy” to the Erased Tapes 10th-anniversary box set, 1+1=X. He then returned to Loomis to write The Transition

 “At 26 years old, I found myself back in the town where I grew up, feeling a bit like a failure for not “making it” out there in the years I spent living and working on my own. I picked up a job working in a retirement home, surrounded by those who are at the very end of their lives, and they’ve kept saying the same thing: that they had no idea life would happen that fast. So I decided to make an album inspired by my recent experiences and stories I heard through working with them,” he explains. 

This record is primarily about change, coming to terms with it, and not getting too attached to any particular phase of life. I’ve experienced living in isolation at various times, and it leads to a skeptical line of thought, but I managed that through accepting change and feeling satisfied with where I am. The Transition is about acknowledging the sadness of change, whilst providing an escape from it.”  


01. Scoop Troop

02. For Catherine E. Coulson

03. Randy and Susan

04. The Transition

05. Impending Imperative Change

06. The Garden

07. The Mirror of Time

08. For The Penguins

09. For Only All

10. Poet Tree

The Transition LP will land on November 2, with “The Garden” streaming in full below.